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The Best Winter Activities This Year in Montreal

Igloofest Winter Guide 2016If you live in Montreal there is no reason to hibernate this winter. Summertime may bring beaches and daytime drink
ing on restaurant patios, but with winter comes Montreal’s winter wonderland! There are arguably more things to do in the winter in Montreal than in the warm months. Among your options include Mammoth Village and Igloofest. A huge skating rink with DJ’s and a world famous electronic music event.

Don’t fool yourself, though. This winter is said to be one of the coldest so far. So before you enter this year’s wonderland make sure to prepare for the cold! Canadians have never needed a guide for how to do this, but if you are just visiting I suggest following my guidelines for staying warm this winter in Canada.

Long underwear is not a joke and if you invest in a pair now they will last you multiple winters. Wear them under jeans or a thick pair of sweatpants to guarantee saving your butt and legs from freezing. A good pair of boots can be enough keep your feet warm, however, I’m talking about one of the coldest winters so far in Canada! What you need to do is find the thickest, highest socks in your house and suit up. I promise it is worth the investment if you don’t have any on hand.

There’s a reason Canada Goose is a Canadian company. They know what armour will properly protect us against the attack of well-below zero temperatures, high winds, and snow that slaps you in the face instead of falling gracefully as snowflakes do on TV. If you are only in Canada for a short time maybe you don’t need a Canada Goose coat. You can get by with seven layers of shirts and sweaters under your current jacket, no problem. Last but not least a quality tuque, long scarf, and water-proof gloves will do more than make your selfies more adorable.

I know what you’re thinking. How will I create Snapchat stories of Mammoth village and Igloofest if I can’t easily access my phone? Yes, this is a problem – but here’s the solution. Rather than freezing your hand and risking yet another trip to your local cell phone repair shop in Montreal, invest in touch screen leather gloves. These gloves allow you to use your phone without ever needing to take them off. Thank me later.

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Ottawa: Things To Do, Places To See!

Ottawa City Guide

Ottawa, Ontario is the capital of Canada and just that in itself is a reason to go there and see what is there in that regard. Parliament Hill is the attraction most visited in all of Canada, as the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard is as precise and exciting as any such event in the world.

The Sound and Light Show is presented where stunning and spectacular lighting effects are projected on the magnificent Parliament Buildings while words are read and music is played. The result is a moving and dramatic display of patriotism and a classic and moving presentation.

One attraction that visitors say that they would be terribly disappointed if they had missed, is the National Gallery of Canada. Housing the world’s largest Canadian collection of art, the gallery is very unique with its 1,200 works of art that are displayed in rotation.

Throughout the entire year there are different and varied exhibits being displayed with thorough explanations given. You can follow a planned tour, or simply be on your own, and you are sure to come away with not only a deeper appreciation of Canadian art, but a better understanding of the history of Canada.

Ottawa is certainly a city of many celebrations, offering a year-round availability of special events and festivals. The Ottawa Jazz Festival offers some of the most renowned jazz musicians where jazz is played continuously day and night, both indoors and in outdoors settings.

If the performing arts is your pleasure, you will certainly enjoy the National Arts Centre, which offers a full array of theatre, dance, and musicals that will thrill your heart. The Ottawa Little Theatre which puts on 10 outstanding plays during the year, which gives theatre goers an experience second to none.

Shopping is next to impossible to avoid with Ottawa’s large malls along with the unique souvenir shops and boutiques. Both visitors and residents seem to take to shopping equally well, and both don’t seem to be quitting anytime soon.

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Hamilton Drinking Guide

Where to get drunk in Hamilton


This post will be updated with the best places to drink in Hamilton. First let’s look at the best places to drink/party by day. There’s a few main places to try if this list becomes out of date. Hess Village,  Augusta, Locke Street, Westdale and James Street. There’s a few outliers like Corktown downtown and Baranga’s on the Beach out in Stoney Creek but nothing much on the Mountain other then a few dive bars a cookie cutter franchise restaurants. If you do live on the Mountain, specifically the west mountain. I would suggest trying The Brassie Pub. Expect it to get pretty lively but it’s an environment for sitting in a chair and drinking aka chill nights.

Best Places To Drink By Day in Hamilton, ON

Full posts for each day coming soon.


ORA has a dance party situation in Hess Village.

Augusta Pubs

Ceili House is a good spot to warm up by listening to a comedy show.


Gallagher’s Bar and Lounge


Absinthe: Motown Wednesday has been a staple in the Hamilton party scene for years.


Haven’t been out on a thursday in a while. Leave a comment if you know a good spot.


Hess Village will be a party.

Augusta always get packed. Theirs a spot down there if you walk through to the back there’s a sweet beer garden they I like to start out at.



Hess Village will be likely a bigger party.

Dirty Dogs for single pickup scene.


Baranga’s on The Beach (Day Drinking)

Please comment with your suggestions.


New Heat Record of 32.1 C (humidex 42) Set in Hamilton Wednesday

The Medical Officer of Health has issued a heat warning that continues to the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

According to Environment Canada, the temperature rose to 32.1 C. This has set a new high-temperature record. The highest reported temperature last year was 31.6 C.

It’s been predicted that temperatures as high as 42 C can be expected, which may feel warmer due to high humidity. Normally highs at this time of year are in the low 20s.

“This kind of weather so early in September is not unheard of,” says Geoff Coulson – Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment Canada. However, a string of three high days in a row is atypical.

He also stated that we should expect September to continue to be warmer than normal. With temperatures coming back down to more seasonal ranged near the end of the month.

In response to this atypical heat wave, students are wearing t-shirts and shorts to school instead of sweaters and jeans when the school bell rang this week.

Information about high temperatures was posted on The Hamilton-Wentworth School District’s (HWDSB) website as a public service to families.

The HWDSB district spokesperson, Robert Faulkner, informed schools to do their best to keep faculty and students safe during the school day. Some recommendations included limiting outdoor physical activities, ensuring access to water, keeping blinds and drapes closed, and moving classes to cooler areas of school buildings. Close monitoring of students throughout the day for signs of heat distress was also suggested.

Coulson advised that the rest of the warming trend should continue through the rest of the week with temperatures falling to Fall values by this Sunday. There is also a strong possibility for strong rains during the week which includes a chance of storms this Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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