New Heat Record of 32.1 C (humidex 42) Set in Hamilton Wednesday

The Medical Officer of Health has issued a heat warning that continues to the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

According to Environment Canada, the temperature rose to 32.1 C. This has set a new high-temperature record. The highest reported temperature last year was 31.6 C.

It’s been predicted that temperatures as high as 42 C can be expected, which may feel warmer due to high humidity. Normally highs at this time of year are in the low 20s.

“This kind of weather so early in September is not unheard of,” says Geoff Coulson – Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment Canada. However, a string of three high days in a row is atypical.

He also stated that we should expect September to continue to be warmer than normal. With temperatures coming back down to more seasonal ranged near the end of the month.

In response to this atypical heat wave, students are wearing t-shirts and shorts to school instead of sweaters and jeans when the school bell rang this week.

Information about high temperatures was posted on The Hamilton-Wentworth School District’s (HWDSB) website as a public service to families.

The HWDSB district spokesperson, Robert Faulkner, informed schools to do their best to keep faculty and students safe during the school day. Some recommendations included limiting outdoor physical activities, ensuring access to water, keeping blinds and drapes closed, and moving classes to cooler areas of school buildings. Close monitoring of students throughout the day for signs of heat distress was also suggested.

Coulson advised that the rest of the warming trend should continue through the rest of the week with temperatures falling to Fall values by this Sunday. There is also a strong possibility for strong rains during the week which includes a chance of storms this Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

He also said that “There are some indications temperatures will bounce back up next week.” Warmer than usual weather should be expected but thirty plus temperatures shouldn’t return.

Coulson said, “The first look at October is a similar story.” We should expect temperatures to be a little warmer than typical and this trend may continue into November.

Last winter was quite mild but climatologists have indicated there’s a 50% chance of a weak La Nina emerging, but Coulson has advised this pattern shouldn’t too much influence on weather locally.

“It leaves things open for a more normal winter,” he said. He also warned there’s a possibility of stretches of mild weather followed by periods of temperatures falling to near freezing.

During the heat warning, indoor pools will be free of admission charge. The city of Hamilton will also keep splash pads open until mid-month. Free water will be distributed in designated areas throughout the city. While cooling centres will be made available for those who need a respite from the heat.

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