Ottawa: Things To Do, Places To See!

Ottawa City Guide

Ottawa, Ontario is the capital of Canada and just that in itself is a reason to go there and see what is there in that regard. Parliament Hill is the attraction most visited in all of Canada, as the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard is as precise and exciting as any such event in the world.

The Sound and Light Show is presented where stunning and spectacular lighting effects are projected on the magnificent Parliament Buildings while words are read and music is played. The result is a moving and dramatic display of patriotism and a classic and moving presentation.

One attraction that visitors say that they would be terribly disappointed if they had missed, is the National Gallery of Canada. Housing the world’s largest Canadian collection of art, the gallery is very unique with its 1,200 works of art that are displayed in rotation.

Throughout the entire year there are different and varied exhibits being displayed with thorough explanations given. You can follow a planned tour, or simply be on your own, and you are sure to come away with not only a deeper appreciation of Canadian art, but a better understanding of the history of Canada.

Ottawa is certainly a city of many celebrations, offering a year-round availability of special events and festivals. The Ottawa Jazz Festival offers some of the most renowned jazz musicians where jazz is played continuously day and night, both indoors and in outdoors settings.

If the performing arts is your pleasure, you will certainly enjoy the National Arts Centre, which offers a full array of theatre, dance, and musicals that will thrill your heart. The Ottawa Little Theatre which puts on 10 outstanding plays during the year, which gives theatre goers an experience second to none.

Shopping is next to impossible to avoid with Ottawa’s large malls along with the unique souvenir shops and boutiques. Both visitors and residents seem to take to shopping equally well, and both don’t seem to be quitting anytime soon.

When in downtown Ottawa, the Rideau Centre offers the finest and the most variety for your shopping adventure. From Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works, Banana Republic, Coach and many of your favourite brand stores, you will also have available many stores that carry specialties such as just the right thing for gifts and those extras that you only find away from home.

Dining in Ottawa can be your favourite experience with choices that will boggle the mind. Just any type of cuisine is available, you just have to make a decision and go for it. Whether you prefer steak, seafood, burgers, Italian or others, Ottawa has the food, and you will be humbly converted when you discover what is available.

Just about everywhere you travel, you will find some exceptionally wonderful restaurants, from casual to formal, just pick what suits you and you will most likely find it. You will be able to find nearly any type of food, and you will enjoy it.

While in Canada, be sure and visit Ottawa if you are near there in your travels, and you will surely be glad that you did.

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